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International Components for Unicode

ICU4C Binary Download (60.1)

Here are the binary distributions of the ICU libraries on our reference platforms.

Verify File Size Description
[PGP .asc] SHASUM512.txt 3 KB SHA512 hashes
[PGP .asc] icu4c-60_1-AIX7_2-VA2.tgz 15.1 MB AIX 7.2 (PowerPC 64-bit)
[PGP .asc] icu4c-60_1-Fedora26-x64.tgz 13.4 MB Fedora Linux (x86-64-bit)
[PGP .asc] icu4c-60_1-Ubuntu16.04-x64.tgz 13.4 MB Ubuntu Linux (x86-64-bit)
[PGP .asc] 19.6 MB Windows (x86 64-bit) Visual Studio 2015
[PGP .asc] icu4c-bin-60_1.md5 518 B MD5 hashes

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