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International Components for Unicode

ICU4J Download (61rc)

In addition to these .jar files, the combined code is also tagged in the source repository with release-61-rc

Verify File Size Description
icu4j-61rc-docs.jar 2.7 MB Jar file containing the documentation.
icu4j-61rc-src.jar 2.2 MB Jar file containing the core Java source files.
icu4j-61rc.jar 11.8 MB Jar file containing core binaries.
[MD5] icu4j-61rc.md5 445 B MD5 hashes
icu4j-61rc.tgz 23.4 MB gzipped tar archive including the entire source package
icu4j-charset-61rc-src.jar 197 KB Jar file containing Charset converter Java source files.
icu4j-charset-61rc.jar 3.0 MB Jar file containing Charset converter binaries.
icu4j-localespi-61rc-src.jar 37 KB Jar file containing the locale SPI Java source files.
icu4j-localespi-61rc.jar 54 KB Jar file containing locale SPI implementations.

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